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Natural Lash Lift

Natural Eyelashes

  • 1 100% natural
  • 2 Add length & volume

Enhance your Lashes

A natural lash lift is one of the quickest ways to brighten and lift your face. It gives a stunning wide eye look to your natural lashes. Our natural lash lift adds length, volume and lifts your lashes without adding extensions, using adhesive or harsh chemicals.

This innovative treatment is more beneficial for your lashes than the traditional perming technique because it lifts at the roots, as opposed to bending lashes at the middle. The lashes are straightened rather than curved. This creates the illusion of longer and thicker lashes.

This is an extremely low maintenance treatment with no mascara or eyelash curlers needed after. The effect lasts up to six weeks.

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This treatment is available in: FinchleyMill HillRadlett and Barnet.

How Often

Repeat this treatment every 6 weeks.


Treatment Price from
Natural Lash Lift £65.00
Natural Lash Lift With Tint £75.00