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Premium Hot Wax

  • 1 Virtually painless
  • 2 Reduces ingrown hairs
  • 3 Removes stubborn short hairs

Hot Wax

HC MedSpa offers a complete premium hot wax service. This is designed to make your treatments as comfortable as possible and virtually pain free.

Hot waxing can remove difficult hairs in more intimate areas with ease and comfort. It forms a more compact grip on the hair when cooled compared to classic strip wax, yet can still be removed just as easily.

This enhanced technique uses wax that it is usually melted to a denser consistency than warm wax. When the wax is applied on the skin it cools down. This grips the hair (and not the skin) tightly before it is removed, leaving less reddening. It is a very effective treatment to remove patches of sturdy, rough hair and is well suited to clients with sensitive skin.

Our Premium Hot Wax treatment will remove hairs even as short as 1 mm. Superb results are guaranteed with this luxury waxing treatment.

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This treatment is available in: FinchleyMill HillRadlett and Barnet.

How Often

Face – Every 2 - 4 Weeks
Body – Every 3 - 5 Weeks