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Why have fillers become so popular?

Lip augmentation has proven to be an extremely popular, non-surgical procedure with 4 in every 5 of our clients rebooking. This treatment not only enhances appearance but it also boosts confidence and that’s why we as a clinic, embrace the world of fillers!

With cosmetic surgery seeing a decline; less of us are choosing to go under the knife because we can now achieve competitive results with a syringe-job.

Research confirms that the number of Google searches for ‘lip fillers’ in the UK alone are 10 times higher than the figure from 2012.

What is it?
Dermal Filler injectable’s are predominantly Hyaluronic Acid (a natural substance found within the body) which guarantees volume to thinning areas of the face. This treatment is for individuals who desire fuller lips but with times moving on, experts can now correct bumps in the nose and define jaw lines!

Can it go wrong?
Essentially, no – as long as you are being treated by a professional! The non-surgical industry is unregulated and anyone can set themselves up as a practitioner with no training.
So, some people can pay more than the price for dermal fillers by visiting a ‘practitioner’ who is not fully experienced or qualified and unfortunately, many of our clients are visiting for filler corrections.

We highly recommend doing your research before choosing to go under the syringe!

Are the results instant?
Immediately after the procedure, the treated area will swell and can often bruise – this is completely normal. After 24 hours, the swelling begins to subside but optimum results are seen after 2-3 days. Fillers typically last between 3-9 months, it’s all dependent on your how your body takes to it.

At HC MedSpa we ensure all of our clients receive an in-depth and thorough consultation before under-going any treatment. Our expert team ensure all procedures are achieved with complete precision and care allowing you to feel comfortable and confident that you’re receiving the highest possible quality treatment.

It is important to note; all injectables at HC MedSpa are performed by an experienced Doctor.