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Let’s Tackle Winter Dehydration!

Weather conditions are changing and with winter just around the corner, it’s good to know how to care for dehydrated skin. We’ve listed below why and how you can combat dehydration this winter.

What is dehydrated skin? and how does it differ from dry skin?
Dehydrated skin is a skin condition; therefore, it can be improved at any time with the right care. A dehydrated skin lacks water whereas a dry skin lacks oil.


How do you know if you’ve got it?
A dehydrated skin type will appear sallow and dull and can often feel tight. Very fine and crepey lines may be apparent on the surface.


What causes it?
Certain weather conditions, pollution, diet, lifestyle choices, lack of sleep and over-exfoliating are all causes of a dehydrated skin type. It’s important to protect the skin as much as possible, as even daily environmental changes such as sitting in an air-conned office then talking a walk in the sun can have its affects.

As we age, the skins natural hydrators decline making the skin itself unsurprisingly more dehydrated.


Are there other skin concerns that could be down to dehydration?
As well as fine and crepey lines, a dehydrated skin may also feel itchy, slightly sensitive and appear flaky. Although the skin lacks in water, you can still suffer with breakouts.


How is it best treated at home?
To avoid dehydration, it’s important to keep on top of your water in-take to ensure the body is hydrated!

Remember to exfoliate as normal, 1-2 times weekly, this will rid the build of dead skin cells and buff away dry patches.

There are also topical solutions such as Hyaluronic Acid and Humectants (ingredients that prevent the loss of moisture). Serums that contain humectants are always applied first, allowing them to sink into the skins layers and hydrate from within, a moisturiser is then applied over the top to lock in all that hydration and moisture.

A great product to protect from dehydration, is the; Vitamin C Reversal Serum from Circadia. This age defying essential product contains the most stable and active form of Vitamin C to increase the firm look of skin and neutralize free radicals. This serum also contains hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 to hydrate and smooth.

Paired with the; AquaPorin Hydrating Cream, also from Circadia – this combination will prevent from the signs of a dehydrated skin. It maintains and increases skin moisture with a burst of the latest, most effective hydrating agents.


What treatments will help with dehydration?
A dehydrated skin type will most be slightly sensitive, therefore a facial is the perfect, non-invasive yet effective treatment to go for!

The Radiance Boost Facial: Cocoa Enzyme + Oxygen RX is a brilliant treatment to boost luminosity whilst healing and protecting the surface of the skin.

Another great treatment is the Vitamin Infusion Facial – Instantly nourishing and hydrating, this treatment is designed to restore, regenerate and revitalise your skin from Inside and out.


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