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Top Treatments for Relieving Dry Skin

Our evenings are drawing in from 4pm & there’s a chill in the air – winter has officially arrived! Call us crazy, but we’re all for it! After such a long and beautifully warm summer, we’re so ready for cosy nights in!

What we’re not so keen on, is the inevitable dry, flaky winter skin. Here are our TOP treatments to ensure your skin is beautifully maintained; keeping it soft and glowing.

Peel to reveal

Skin Peels are designed to remove the layers of dead skin cells that cause problems and reveal a smooth complexion underneath. Each skin peel will target your skin’s individual needs. It will revitalise any dull, dry or damaged complexion issues as well as any sun damage whilst smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

No time? No problem!

The Skin Bar at HC MedSpa Finchley has been designed to offer you maximum results in minimum time. With a cocktail of express skin peels suited to all skin types; this Aesthetic treatment is ideal for those on-the-go and looking for results FAST. The power of natural acids and active ingredients work to deeply exfoliate and brighten the skin.

having beauty treatments at HC MedSpa

Exfoliate the HIGH way

Sometimes, an AHA just simply isn’t enough. A high-grade, professional exfoliating treatment is guaranteed to rid dry skin. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive technique for removing the upper most layer of the skin leaving it supple and vibrant.

… and most importantly, R&R

This time of year can be hectic – sink into pure relaxation and experience the spa-like elements of a facial. After a thorough cleanse, your skin will appear radiant and you’ll feel completely revitalised.

The Radiance Boost Facial: Cocoa Enzyme + Oxygen RX is a brilliant treatment to boost luminosity whilst healing and protecting the surface of the skin.

Another great treatment is the Vitamin Infusion Facial – Instantly nourishing and hydrating, this treatment is designed to restore, regenerate and revitalise your skin from Inside and out.

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Our consultations are complimentary, contacts us today to discuss your treatment options with one of our experienced Aesthetic therapists.

By HC MedSpa
Friday 9th November 2018