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Valentine’s Treats & Treatments

Valentine’s day – it’s a time of year you either love or loathe. However, you’re spending it; whether it’s enjoying a little ‘me’ time or celebrating with a loved one, make sure you feel your best!


Look Flawless
Our team of experts have developed a range of luxury treatments exclusively for HC MedSpa that focus on bringing you the best possible results whilst completely rejuvenating you in a spa-like environment. For the ultimate R+R, why not try our Laser Face Lift?

This is everything you could want in a facial – starting with a deep cleanse to remove impurities, it’s followed by the FDA approved laser; ClearLiftTM to tone and firm the skin. A conditioning mask works to rejuvenate the skins appearance, while you receive a calming scalp & shoulder massage to soothe away tension – leaving you completely revitalised!

Shopping for a last-minute gift? The best-selling, Tri Vita C30 from Dermaceutic is a light and silky serum suitable for all skin types. It contains an innovative combination of 3 forms of vitamin C to reach several depths of the skin and release antioxidant benefits over time.
This anti-ageing product promotes healthier looking skin and results show that over 96% of people agree that after 28 days of use, this serum visibly improved their skin texture.

You can’t go wrong with this all-rounder, luxury skincare product!

Perfect your Pout

It’s said that ‘facial features serve as a cue of attractiveness and full-lipped smiles are the key focus’. With that being said, Lip Fillers are one of the most sought after non-surgical treatments in UK. This quick and instantly effective method works by using a natural substance; Hyaluronic Acid to plump the lips. Our private Doctor completely tailors the treatment to you, placing the filler into certain parts of the lips to create the look and shape you desire.

If injectables aren’t for you, why not try the ClearLiftTM lips treatment? This laser treatment is the ideal technique for those looking to give the lips a natural plump and fullness. We use this method to reduce fine lines around the mouth and tighten the skin, the results include visible improvement in appearance after just one session.


Get Body Confident

Everyone deserves to feel great in their own skin but we understand that no matter how healthy you are, it can be extremely difficult to tone certain parts of the body.

Our solution? Body Contouring. This non-surgical, non-invasive procedure uses a combination of radio-frequency and ultrasound technology to ultimately improve the tone and appearance of the skin.

It has been created for those who have undergone rapid weight loss or have experienced stretching of the skin after pregnancy will benefit from this treatment. Body Contouring will tighten a flabby stomach, sagging thighs, drooping buttocks or bingo wings.


Silky Smooth Skin

Having to think about hair removal is frustrating on any day, but especially on special events such as Valentine’s! It’s time to start your journey to permanent hair reduction.

We achieve the best results using the world’s leading pain-free technology trio: Soprano Platinum, Soprano Ice and Alexandrite. In clear advantage of all other laser machines it is effective on all skin types, including tanned skin. FDA approved, our permanent hair reduction procedure is virtually painless and treats all body areas.
This revolutionary treatment is amongst the most popular at HC MedSpa and clients often refer to our Laser Hair Removal procedure as ‘life changing’.


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