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What is Pollution doing to our Skin?

Autumn and Winter see the highest level of pollution; as changes in the season make evenings darker and weather miserable – more people are choosing to drive on the roads which ultimately, is further polluting the environment. But what exactly is this doing to our skin and how can we protect it? We’ve got it all right here in this blog for you!

Pollution particles are miniscule which enables them to bury themselves into our pores which clog the skin of impurities.

As pollution is in the air, it mainly effects our respiratory system. Once inhaled, it can cause immediate damage to the lungs and even circulate into the blood stream.

Over-time, pollution breaks down our collagen which leads to loss of firmness and elasticity. As the defects of pollution begin to work away at our lipid layer (the skins natural barrier to harmful aggressors) it causes inflammation, skin sensitivity and dehydration.

If the correct anti-oxidant products are not used, pollution can cause uneven skin tone, accelerated aging and even skin cancer.

During the day, our skin is all about protection. It’s working hard to shield against daily
environmental aggressors such as UV and oxidation from pollution. In the morning, our skin
is most susceptible to damage, when our repairing defences are down.


The Vitamin C Reversal Serum by Circadia contains the most stable and active form of Vitamin C which works an anti-oxidant to neutralize free radicals whilst increasing the firm look of skin. It also contains hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 to hydrate and

The Calm + Clear Facial is a beautifully aromatic treatment is effective for all skin types but most beneficial for those suffering with acne, rosacea or sensitive skin. Bacteria and acne lesion are reduced and the skin is then renewed with a gentle exfoliation using specialised enzymes while natural cocoa simultaneously saturates the skin with antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental damage.

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