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Last-Minute, Pre-Wedding Skin Prep

Traditionally, the ‘wedding season’ is between late May and September with the most popular months being (the often sunnier) July & August.

As all skin experts will tell you, preparations should begin at least 6 months in advance, so, it’s easy to feel stressed if you haven’t perfected a regimented skincare routine in the run up to to the big day.

Relax, we’re bringing you back to basics. We’ve put together our top tips & treatments to ensure your skin is wedding-ready, whether you’re the Bride, Groom, or guest!

Treat your skin from within

It’s plain & simple, and we’re certain you’ve heard it all before; eat your greens and drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day to stay hydrated. Whilst it’s obvious to eat right and keep fit to maintain a healthy body, did you know the impact this has on your skin? Aside from a good skincare routine, leading a healthy lifestyle will make you glow, inside-out! For a last-minute detox, drink 2-4 cups of green tea per day, it’s anti-oxidant properties will work to flush out toxins and reduce inflammation allowing the skin to appear clear and fresh.


Get your beauty sleep

As we reach the evening, the skin’s repair mechanisms kick in. Stem Cells in the epidermis reproduce mainly at night and these are responsible for creating new skin cells, replacing the old ones and helping to reduce the appearance of ageing.

bride in bed holding bouquet

It occurs at this time, as the process is less likely to be interrupted compared to during the day. Interestingly, most women rate their skin at its best in the morning, which could be down to production of news cells overnight. It’s important to note that this natural process works best when the skin can breathe, so always ensure you go to bed with a clean face!


Take scrubbing seriously!

Using an exfoliator twice per week will rid the build-up of dead cells that lay upon the skins surface. Practicing this regime also means that all other skincare products are easily absorbed and able to work efficiently. Not to mention the skin appears smoother and brighter & make-up application is simply the dream!


Squeeze in a last-minute treatment

After a thorough consultation, our skin-care experts will recommend a facial that’ll benefit your skin just in-time for the celebrations. We’d usually suggest having a treatment no more than one week prior to the event, however, the benefits of a professional treatment are amazing so if you can, we’d recommend booking in.

image of woman having a peel

The Radiance Boost Facial; suitable for all skin types – it’s the ultimate treatment for glowing skin, it uses natural papaya and pineapple enzymes to prep the surface in time for the revitalising Oxygen treatment. Essentially leaving the skin luminously bright and beautiful, however, this luxury, spa-like facial also includes a face and scalp massage. Warm essential oils & hot towels will leave you feeling completely relaxed and refreshed. The solution to relieve all pre-wedding stresses? We think so!


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