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The Big BEAUTY Spring Clean

Ah, the classic Spring Clean! It’s that time of year where we crack open the windows, dust off the lawn mowers and bring out the BBQs – is there anything better?

We think not! It’s time for a huge clear up (and out!) but we’ve got something a little different in mind …

Whether you’re hooked by Instagram cleaning sensation, Mrs Hinch or completely obsessed by the ultimate ‘organising’ phenomenon, Marie Kondo – spring cleaning is an absolute MUST!

We’re not just talking scrubbing the inside of your washing machine or re-organising your snacks cupboards, what about the real nitty gritty? Like YOURSELF? Are you guilty of any of the below?


Just like food, once opened, your make-up has a ‘use by date’. Formerly known as a PAO – Product After Opening, date. 6m = 6 months, 12m = 12 months and so on. Once opened, you have until the amount of months shown before you have to throw that lipgloss OUT!

Now, check your make up bags, vanity tables and IKEA Alex drawers because we guarantee you have MORE than a handful of out-of-date make-up. Not only is the quality of the product poor, but it’s full of nasty bacteria and just to think you’re putting that onto your delicate skin and beautiful eyes. Always wondering why you get a pimple RIGHT where you just laid your concealer? Get rid and start storing your make-up in cool, dry places out of direct sunlight. Thank us later.

Skin Care

Exactly the same as above. Take time to check your PAO dates. Your daily cleanser is probably off! Or that night time moisturiser that your aunt gave you last summer that you used once and left to gather dust in your bathroom? It’s time to part with it. Many skin care products we use today contain active ingredients, once past it’s POA, it’s more than likely they’re past their best – and you’ll probably find that product doesn’t have the same amazing affect it once did.

Don’t be afraid to throw things out, you’ll feel so much better once it’s done, not to mention, NEW SKIN CARE! Very, very satisfying.


In all forms, face brushes, hair brushes & make-up brushes (especially sponges, bacterias most beloved habitat!) Do they deserve a sterile, boiling hot wash? Or have they simply seen better days? When you don’t wash and sanitise your brushes, they will become happy breeding grounds for bacteria.

They are hoarders of dust, oils & dead skin and to think, your freshly cleansed, toned & primed skin comes face-to-face with these nasties? NOT ok. Bin!

De-clutter, reorganise & priortise

Now your beauty stash is clean & has the go-ahead, it’s time to optimise and efficiently organise your beauty routine. Stow away your electric blue liners & holographic glitter collection, they’ll be waiting and ready for the weekend but they’ll no longer be mixed up with your everyday go-to’s.

Now, using containers, acyclic drawers or little pots, organise your daily skincare, brushes & make-up products making them easily visible and accessible. Et voila! 10 spare minutes in the morning to perfect your make-up!


We hope this blog has inspired you to spring clean your beauty!

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By HC MedSpa
26th April 2019