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Do Squats Work?

Cardio alone? It’s a thing of the past! More and more of us are now including weight and strength training into our fitness regimes, since the misconception of becoming ‘bulky’ has vanished!

Squats predominately work the buttocks and thighs, however, depending on the type of weight you’re using, will determine the overall strength and outcome of your exercise.

They essentially burn fat and build muscle, making the backside appear more plumped and shapely. Not to mention how easy they are! You don’t require a pricey gym membership to start squat training.

There are many benefits to squatting but are you maximising your results? We’ve uncovered the ultimate guide to achieving the BEST butt … Squats & weights + The Non-Surgical Bum Lift!

The Non-Surgical Bum Lift
Radio-frequency works to gently heat tissue and encourages natural collagen and elastin production, this procedure tightens sagging skin and promotes a ‘plumped’ appearance. In conjunction with this, ultrasound is used to measure thickness and target deeper layers of the skin. The two work in sync to detect flaws and focus solely on areas that require tightening. The warm hand-piece is simultaneously massaged over the surface for around 60-90 minutes and is pain-free.

Client results after just 1 session of The Non-Surgical Bum Lift.


To achieve the perfect buttocks, we recommend 6-8 sessions in the same area at differing intervals. To enhance results, we offer Accent® in combination with Fat Freezing.

Both this simple exercise & Aesthetic treatment work in sync beautifully to help give you a smoother, more plump & lifted bum.


If you have any further queries about this treatment or would like to book a complimentary consultation with one of our Aesthetic Practitioners, click here and we’ll be in touch.

By HC MedSpa
Thursday 4th October 2018