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Is Laser Hair Removal really worth the money?

Hair-free, soft baby-like skin is ALWAYS in and has been for years and trust us, there’s so many ways to achieve it. From the unpleasant smelling, endless tubes of Nair & Veet, to cheap, ‘get-the-job-done’ razors which end up rusting in the corner of your shower! Not to mention the toe curling, hair-raising, epilator – great results, although short lived! Need we go on?

Ok, so here’s what we know; there IS a solution to stop all this faff! We know there’s a treatment for permanent hair reduction, we know it’s pain-free & achieves silky, soft results and we know it’s an absolutely incredible form of technology BUT … is it really worth it?

Or is investing in Laser Hair Removal just a huge, black money sink hole?

Facts & figures

Studies show that the average woman will shave her legs around 12 times per month – that’s approximately 2 hours dedicated to the razor and almost £10’000 spent on shaving related products in her lifetime. (please note, this blog does not include the cost of your water bills but that is something to take into consideration too! £££)

We’ve done a little maths ourselves and worked out that women roughly spend between 24-48hrs per YEAR shaving alone – we can think of better things to be doing with our time!

So, let’s put this into perspective – looking at Full Legs, alone (the area that’s mostly wasting our precious time!)

You’re looking at an average cost of around £875.00 for a course of 6 sessions for Full Legs (this is based on April’s monthly Special Offer discount of 30% off 1 Area) Including 1 Laser Hair Removal top up per year, for a lifetime we’ve averaged the total spend at around £8,020 saving you just under £2000 – shall we continue? Yes, we have more …

If we estimate each treatment duration at approximately 75 minutes or less, that’s an all-round total of 7.5 hours per YEAR on Laser Hair Removal. In comparison to shaving time; we’re basically giving you 40.5 hours of valuable time to do what you want with! Impressive right?

The conclusion

So, just to clarify, this is PERMANENT hair reduction, which means NO shaving rashes, NO ingrown hairs & absolutely, most definitely NO time wasted!

Laser Hair Removal is of course a personal preference and it may not be for everyone, but we’ve got SO many reasons why you should make the transition from razor to Laser. We’ve proved it up there!


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By HC MedSpa
3rd May 2019