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Laser Hair Removal with Healthy Chef Steph

Stephanie Elswood, otherwise known as; Healthy Chef Steph, has taken the health and fitness industry by storm! Her refreshing approach to healthy eating and an active lifestyle is inspiring and we’re all for it.

Steph is always working out, so she’s the perfect advocate for Laser Hair Removal as it means never having to worry about shaving. We recently welcomed her to our Finchley Clinic & to begin her journey to hair-free skin! Two sessions in and Steph posted a video on her Instagram page, reporting to her followers about her experience with Laser Hair Removal.

Steph’s review:

“So, today I had my second round of Laser Hair Removal at HC MedSpa and it is honestly incredible. I travel to North London to have it done and it is totally worth it

The reason why I travel to this particular place is because I’ve had Laser Hair Removal done before elsewhere and it was so painful! It was prickly and spikey, it felt as if I was being pinged with an elastic band.

Where as here, at HC MedSpa it has a machine that feels warm, like a hot stone massage – there’s still a couple of prickles but it’s essentially pain free which was the biggest selling point for me.

With most Laser Hair Removal procedures, you can’t go in the sun 4/6 weeks before and afterwards, but at HC MedSpa, their machine allows you to be in the sun 24 hours pre and post your treatment and it’s completely safe

One thing I will say is that it takes around a week for the hair to fall out! 

Thank you HC MedSpa!”

Stephanie Elswood / Healthy Chef Steph with HC MedSpa Clinic Director, Rabbia Aslam

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By HC MedSpa
27th September 2018