The Non-Surgical Bum Lift

The desire for a perked and toned bum is encouraged by todays’ celebrities. With the likes of Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians flaunting their impeccably sculpted buttocks, it’s no surprise that the craze for the ‘perfect’ derrière is on the rise.

Squats and leg curls build muscle, making the backside appear more plumped and shapely. However, not even these exercises will rid the uneven and ‘dimpled’ effect cellulite gives.

Another option some people consider to achieve that flawless posterior, is a surgical Brazilian Butt Lift. Which means going under the knife; it’s a costly procedure and the recovery time is between 3-6 weeks.

Our solution? The Non-Surgical Bum Lift – it is the most innovative treatment available today, helping women of all ages to achieve their goals with no downtime.

Radio-frequency works to gently heat tissue and encourages natural collagen and elastin production, this procedure tightens sagging skin and promotes a ‘plumped’ appearance. In conjunction with this, ultrasound is used to measure thickness and target deeper layers of the skin. The two work in sync to detect flaws and focus solely on areas that require tightening.

The warm hand-piece is simultaneously massaged over the surface for around 60-90 minutes and is pain-free. Some clients even state that the warmth is actually ‘rather relaxing’.

To achieve the perfect buttocks, we recommend 6-8 sessions in the same area at differing intervals. To enhance results, we offer Accent® in combination with Fat Freezing.

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