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Can I get Laser Hair Removal on my face?

“Can I get Laser Hair Removal on my face?”

YES! Facial hair can be hormonal or simply put down to genetics, either way, if it bothers you, we have a solution…

• You’ll never have to pluck, wax or shave your facial hair again
• We can treat all skin types
• Our Laser Hair Removal technology is suitable for hair growth caused by PCOS, click here to read more
• Results offer permanent hair reduction and improve with each session
• Facial hair can be hormonal meaning you may require more than the average recommended 6 sessions for women and 8 sessions for men

& lastly, not to mention … your confidence WILL be regained!


What technology do we use?

The Soprano Titanium; the leading most efficient hair removal solution treating millions of people in clinics all over the world! The Titanium is the latest model of Laser Hair Removal machine by Soprano!

A breakthrough platform and thanks to its large 4 cm2spot size and advanced cooling system, treatments are pain free and much faster than other lasers; in fact, treatment duration has now been reduced by up to 40%!


How is it different to other machines?

It is safe, superior and enables significantly faster hair removal than ever before, here’s just a few reasons why we LOVE Soprano Titanium:

  • Pain Free
  • Safe and Effective
  • All Shades and Seasons
  • Clinically Proven Worldwide
  • Alma’s 3D Technology
  • IcePlus Cooling System for Extra Comfort

This treatment is available in: FinchleyMill HillRadlett and Barnet. For more information, click here and we’ll be in touch

By HC MedSpa
10th August 2021