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Laser Hair Removal at-home Maintenance

Our TOP TIPS for Laser Hair Removal at-home maintenance

Faced with our 3rd National Lockdown, we’re all missing normality, even more-so for our clients whose treatments and results are on pause! So, here’s what you should know and a little advice from our Skin & Body experts:

• Do not wax, tweeze or epilate the hairs, removing the hair from its’ follicle will disturb the natural regrowth cycle so it’s best to avoid this. Why not try going au naturale?
• If regrowth is just not your thing, feel free to shave instead, as little or as often as you like. This method will only remove the visible hair and will not cause any damage to the root – leave that to us, the experts.
• Remember, normally, your sessions are every 6 weeks, hair growth between treatments is normal.

Rest-assured that should you notice any regrowth, it’ll be much finer, patchier and less noticeable.

Here’s to fuss-free, smooth skin for LIFE.

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By HC MedSpa
23rd January 2021