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PRP – The Dracula Facial

The famous PRP – ‘Dracula Facial’ is coming to HC MedSpa!

Our very own Doctor Orlanda has trained with Dr Daniel L. Sister, a world-renowned cosmetic, anti-ageing and hormone specialist to bring you the PRP treatments. Dr Daniel Sister was the first to introduce the treatment into the UK, and has now perfected his own unique system, called Dracula Therapy™.


What is PRP?

PRP stands for: Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. It is a powerful anti-ageing treatment that uses your own blood as an injectable treatment.

How does it work?

Doctor Orlanda begins by taking a sample of the patients blood, you can expect this to be the same amount as a normal blood test. This blood is then placed into a high tech machine for the centrifugation process to begin and it is this that separates the blood into red cells, clear serum and platelets. The platelets are like our bodies very own ‘magic serum’, it contains vital nutrients for stimulating collagen, healing and repairing damaged skin and scars, stretch marks, lack of hydrations, fine lines & wrinkles and even further; it treats hair loss and aids the healing process for injuries!

When will I notice results?

You will begin to notice the effects of PRP after just 48 hours post-treatment but full results are visible within 3-4 weeks after just one treatment.

We recommend a course of 2 treatments with a 4-week interval in-between to allow the skin to settle. You should then continue with a ‘top-up’ treatment every 6-9 months to prolong results.

Why PRP?

PRP is great for treating such a wide variety of concerns, it’s a go-to for individuals looking for the most natural way to rejuvenate. We’re using your own blood and natural cells, this makes the treatment very safe, with no risk of side effects.

When can I book in?

Coming soon to a HC MedSpa near you! To book a consultation with Doctor Orlanda, click here and a member of the HC Team will contact you to book your consultation.


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By HC MedSpa
17th January 2020