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The Hollywood Facelift, otherwise know as the Harmony ClearLift, is the leading anti-ageing solution for fine lines, wrinkles and tired looking skin. The Pixel Q Switch Laser works deep underneath the skin’s surface leaving no visible redness. The results are instant and this treatment has no down time making this the perfect lunchtime facial fix.

ClearLift is the go to anti-ageing treatment for those living a busy lifestyle. With its quick results, this painless procedure is suitable for all skin types and will work to even out the skin tone, lighten dark circles and provide complete rejuvenation. The collagen stimulation will firm your skin and produce a sculpted and more defined look.

With just one ClearLift treatment you will see a noticeable difference in your skin and with courses available at HC MedSpa, it now means you can prolong your treatments to achieve long term results. On your follow up sessions, we renew the collagen, maintaining a consistent glow and firmness in the skin. All this without pain and surgery makes the Clearlift the number one anti-ageing solution available.

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