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2022, the year for “Skinimalism”

As you know, we like to keep our HC Loyal’s up-to-date with our weekly blogs and newsletters which means we’re forever searching for NEW trends, tips & tricks

And after much research, we can confidently say that 2022, is the year for “Skinimalism

What is “Skinimalism”?

The skin-minimalism; hybrid is essentially, stripping back the make up and letting your true skin do all the talking. Making small changes where you can, like swapping your full coverage foundation for a BB cream, or your lipstick for a balm or oil?

Evidently, people are looking to simplify their lives, including their beauty routines, while still looking fresh-faced.

So, how can I feel confident if I’m stripping back?

Simply by having clean, healthy skin! And there’s so many ways to achieve this…

  • Knowing your skin type! This is essential because it will ultimately conclude what products you use
  • A great home-care routine that’s religiously followed both day and night. Keeping the skin clean, allowing it to breathe and using a great protection barrier everyday is essential
  • Regular professional treatments. Depending on what’s right for your skin type, this might mean you visit a specialist every 2-6 weeks for treatment
  • You only get 1 skin, treat it with the respect it deserves. Enjoy great food and drink occasionally, but start looking at your skin the same as your body; we must exercise to keep healthy, so we must also look after our skin with the same mindset

I don’t know where to start?

It can be daunting; skincare. There’s a multitude of lotions & potions, K-beauty crazes & outrageous celebrity hacks, products that suit your skin type, products for your age or gender, certain ingredients you should be using and ones you should NEVER, techniques and tools, brushes and rollers, don’t even get us started on retinol! (… and breathe)

The good news is, there’s so much we have access to now to ensure we’re on the right path and where we’d recommend you start, is by speaking to a professional. Our clinics are home to a team of Skin Experts and our consultations are complimentary. Why not book in and visit us for a private, 1-2-1 with a member of our team and let us help you. We’re all ears and open to hearing your concerns but we can also recommend the right products and ingredients for your skin type, while creating a professional treatment plan bespoke to YOU.

Click here to book now and join us this year as we all achieve beautifully, glowing Skinimalism! 

For more information on the topics mentioned in this blog or to speak to a member of our team, click here and we’ll be in touch

26th January 2022