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5 tips to treat MASK-NE

Mask-ne (or mask acne) is the term used for breakouts caused from wearing your face mask.

Right now, all who are able, are wearing face coverings to help prevent the spread of COVID-19; limiting the airflow from entering the environment. This means, the area under your mask will trap moisture and ultimately cause breakouts. 

5 tips to treat MASK-NE:

Re-usable face masks

They should be thoroughly cleaned by putting them in the washing machine to remove bacteria and make-up build up. It’s this build up that can lead to breakouts and washing your re-useable mask regularly will prevent this.

Double cleanse

Ensure you’re cleansing your skin every morning and evening. A double cleanse regime will firstly ensure any surfaced make-up and grime is removed, whilst the second cleanse will work to purify deeper into the pores.


Stay hydrated

After cleansing, you must moisturise. It’s a vital part of any skincare regime, no matter your skin type. Moisturising the skin will keep it hydrated, youthful and most importantly, protected.



Your skin regenerates itself approximately every 27 days. So, whilst you’ve got into the swing of cleansing and moisturising, twice a day, you still have to rid the dead skin cells that are laying on the surface and for this, you’ll need an exfoliator.  Don’t over do it, you should exfoliate no more than 2 times per week, it’ll rid dull appearances to reveal, fresh, clear skin.



Also known in it’s proper form ‘AHA’ or Alpha Hydroxy Acids. AHA’s are natural substances found in fruits (Glycolic acid derived from sugar cane) and milk-based products (Lactic acid derived from milk). They act as an exfoliant to break down the glue-like layer that adheres the dead skin cells to the skin, this reveals that smooth and soft complexion we look for after exfoliating.

As AHA’s are attracted to water, they’re a great humectant, which means they draw in moisture and offer hydration. Not only this, they also they work to fight against fine lines and wrinkles on the upper-most layer of the dermis. A product with AHA is mostly suited to those with dry or sensitive skin as it’s gentle yet effective and will also work to reduce sun damage and pigmentation.


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By HC MedSpa
12th November 2020