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The Lockdown: Beginners guide to GREAT skin

It’s April 2020 and we’re all in lockdown. Although, it’s not all negative, this has meant the world can slow down and focus and we’re following in suit too. More time to meditate, spend quality home-time with family, study (yes, properly), learn new skills, become fitter and healthier; not just physically, mentally too. So, what a better time to begin your journey to great skin!

It can be daunting; skincare. There’s a multitude of lotions & potions, K-beauty crazes & outrageous celebrity hacks, products that suit your skin type, products for your age or gender, certain ingredients you should be using and ones you should NEVER, techniques and tools, brushes and rollers, don’t even get us started on retinol! (… and breathe)

So, before jumping into the deep end, let’s focus on the essentials and what your skin requires to be healthy!

1. Determine your SKIN TYPE

It’d be a waste to invest in a skincare regime if you don’t know your true skin type. Understanding your skins needs will determine which products are right for you. If you’re unsure, take a look at our blog What skin type do I have? where we help you identify what your skin type is. We have whittled down the 5 most common skin types and the products you should be using.


2. It’s time to: CLEANSE

You wash your hands, countless times a day? Your teeth & body are cleaned, twice daily? Your hair around 3 times a week? So what’s so different about the skin on your face? “We only have one skin” is a phrase we like to use! Wash it, care for it, love it. In fact, the skin on our face is more subject to germs, harmful UV rays, pollution & nasties than most other parts of our bodies! So, cleanse twice a day, morning and night.

What to look for when investing in a cleanser

Normal: Any of the below nut non-drying formulations

Dry: Milk, cream, balm, oil-based

Oily: Gel, foam, clay, powder, bar

Combination: Gel, foam, clay, powder, bar

Sensitive: Milk, cream, balm, water-based

3. It’s essential: MOISTURISE

Think of it like shampoo without conditioner, it may be clean but it’ll be dull and unprotected. So, after cleansing, you must moisturise. It’s a vital part of any skincare regime, no matter the skin type. Moisturising the skin will keep it hydrated, youthful and in prime natural condition.

What to look for when investing in a moisturiser

Normal: Any of the below nut non-drying formulations

Dry: Rich, thick, creams

Oily: Lightweight, gel, oil-free, non-greasy, lotions

Combination: Lightweight, gel, lotions

Sensitive: Natural, gentle, un-scented, creams


4. 1-2 times weekly: EXFOLIATE

Throughout your life, your skin will change constantly, for better or worse. In fact, your skin will regenerate itself approximately every 27 days. So, whilst you’ve got into the swing of cleansing and moisturising, twice a day, you still have to rid the dead skin cells that are laying on the surface and for this, you’ll need an exfoliator. Times have changed, put down the apricot scrub, it’s way too abrasive, your face deserves more! Don’t over do it, you should exfoliate no more than 2 times per week, it’ll rid dull appearances to reveal, fresh, clear skin.

What to look for when investing in an exfoliator

Normal: Fine grains, creams

Dry: Creams, oil

Oily: Sugar, AHA + BHA (acids); salicylic, alpha, beta, glycolic

Combination: Fine grains, lightweight

Sensitive: Lightweight, powder


Of course, once you’re confident you’ve mastered this beginners guide, you can begin to introduce other steps into your routine to only benefit your skins health and appearance!

For more information on the topics mentioned in this blog or to speak to a member of our team, click here and we’ll be in touch

By HC MedSpa
17th April 2020