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What are PHA’s & why are they trending?

So you’ve just mastered the use of AHA’s and BHA’s and now you’re hit with this? A ‘cousin’ of the acid family?

We’re not here to fill this page with technical terms and aesthetic terminology, so, let’s stick to the basics & what there is to know about PHA’s so you can feel confident you’re giving your skin exactly what it needs!

What are PHA’s?

PHA’s or ‘Polyhydroxy acids’ in their proper form are chemical acids. They act as an exfoliant to break down the glue-like layer that adheres the dead skin cells to the skin, to reveal a smooth and soft complexion we look for after exfoliating.

Not only this, but they are also humectants, meaning they attract water and are ultimately moisturising. You’ll find this magic ingredient within high street and professional skin care products, always do your research!

Who are they suited to?

PHA’s work by penetrating the uppermost surface of the skin, thus making them less invasive and active than AHA’s and BHA’s which penetrate deeply into the layers. Because PHA’s are not affecting the delicate, deeper layers, they’re ideal for those with a more sensitive skin.

Why are they trending?

Because they’re quite simply, amazing! They’re suitable for all skin types but especially beneficial for those who find other acids too strong. It has been proven that PHA’s are compatible with even the most sensitive of skins and conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. This ensures optimum skin renewal with minimal irritation.


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By HC MedSpa
6th September 2019