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Dark Circles

Bags under eyes


What is it?

Peri-orbital dark circles (also known as dark circles) are dark blemishes around the eyes. Treatments in the periorbita are popular requests from aesthetic patients. The delicacy of the skin around the eye make this an especially difficult area to treat. Therefore, periorbital treatments should only be carried out by qualified practitioners with a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the area.

What are the symptoms?

The area under the eyes start to get darker and in some cases swell up.

What are the causes?

Brown circles result from hyper-pigmentation; the darker circles are caused by oxygenated blood pools beneath the under-eye skin. The main triggers are chronic eye-rubbing, excessive sun exposure, genetics and age. Allergies are a major cause, as nasal congestion can dilate the blood vessels that drain from the area around your eyes, causing them to darken. Race, illness, diseases, infections, vitamin deficiencies, mental disorders, weight gain and loss, diet, lifestyle and allergies are contributing causes to dark circles.

What should you avoid?

There are a few key measures to take to prevent or delay dark circles from forming under the eyes. First step would be to identify allergies or allergens in order to prevent them, by consulting the correct doctor and taking the appropriate medication. Getting a minimum of 7 hours to a maximum of 9 hours’ sleep is an essential balance to maintain. Under-sleeping or oversleeping both have an impact on the skin. Investing in home care treatments for the eyes such as a vitamin rich eye cream or an eye mask will refresh the skin around the eyes and prevent darkness. Avoiding creams with harsh chemicals is important, it is recommended to get products with natural ingredients such as vitamin K, honey, avocado, jojoba oil and Shea butter. A balanced diet with a good range of fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water is always the best solution to overall good health and appearance. Making sure vitamin levels are normal especially vitamin K and B12. Smoking is not only a major health risk but it causes ageing and blood vessels to appear blue under the skin, it also depletes the body of vitamin C; all contributing to dark dull skin under the eyes. Applying daily an SPF 30 or more and avoiding excessive exposure to the sun will reduce the risk of developing dark circles. Finally, reducing stress is essential in this condition, as in many.

Who is affected?

Dark circles under the eyes are most prevalent among Asian and African skin tones. This condition is also associated with ageing, thus targeting the older generation. People who suffer from an Iron deficiency can prevent the blood from carrying sufficient oxygen to eye tissues. Individuals with sleeping disorders such as insomnia, pregnant woman, being overweight, having Eczema or skin pigmentation abnormalities, depression, substance abusers or addicts, low immunity and people with allergies or illnesses will most likely suffer from dark circles.