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Fine Lines & Wrinkles


What is it?

As we get older, our skin becomes thinner and less supple, and its ability to protect itself from damage is also diminished. The collagen and Elastin fibres weaken and start to break down and as these proteins break down, the skin begins to lose its ability to bounce back into shape, resulting in wrinkles of the skin.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of fine lines and wrinkles are visible in the face. Main areas are around the eyes, on the brow lift, crow’s feet and frown lines. Other evident zones are around the mouth and the forehead.

What are the causes?

The main factors that cause fine lines and wrinkles are sun exposure, sleeping positions, facial expressions, stress, smoking, harsh weather conditions, unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, excessive sugar intake and alcohol consumption.

What should you avoid?

Fine lines and wrinkles cannot be avoided completely, they naturally come with age. To prevent or prolong them from developing, a few measures can be taken. Avoid the sun as much as possible and even if there is no sun, always apply an SPF cream for protection. Don’t smoke, as smoking releases an enzyme that breaks down the elastin and collagen; even the action itself of pursing the lips to smoke causes a permanent mark on the skin. A balanced sleep cycle is necessary for the skin, however it’s important to note that sleeping on one side constantly can cause wrinkles over time. If the sleeping position varies from night after night, this type of wrinkling can be reversed. Avoid squinting and wear reading glasses if necessary. Eat more fish, particularly Salmon, as it is a great source of protein and omega-3. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that help the skin look more radiant and younger. Start preventive measures from a young age to avoid the fine lines from defining deep in the skin. Genetics can determine the likelihood and depth of wrinkles and fine lines that can develop.

Who is affected?

Fine lines and wrinkles will target a wide variety of people, the main ones being: the older generation (young adults can get fine lines as well), people who make a lot of expressions in their face, individuals with vision problems, smokers, substance abusers, and people who genetically have fine lines and wrinkles.



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