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Thin Lips


What is it?

Lips may naturally be a little on the thin side due to your natural anatomy, having asymmetry with the top and bottom lip out of balance or one side thinner than the other. Lips can thin as part of the ageing process and the reduction in collagen. Over the years, the nasal philtrum (ridge between the nose and mouth) tends to flatten out, resulting in a loss of youthful definition.

What are the symptoms?

Lip size and shape are genetically determined, however, they naturally tend to get thinner over time.

What are the causes?

Lips reduce in volume with age or when the collagen reduces in the skin. Some people genetically have less collagen in their lips than others, causing a thinner lip form.

What should you avoid?

Smoking is a major habit to stop to avoid thin lips. However, one of the biggest misconceptions about lip thinning is that it only happens to smokers. 'Smoker’s' lines can appear on anyone, even non-smokers, due to puckering lips, chewing the inside of the lip, and drinking out of straws. Drinking out of straws can make these lines appear and will also break down the collagen in lips, making them smaller and more wrinkled. Teeth wear down over time, which can make lips sink in, so daily dental hygiene and regular checkups at the dentist is highly recommended. Dehydration from too much caffeine and simply not drinking enough water are contributing factors. Hydration on a daily basis and a diet high in protein and vitamin C are essential for making strong, healthy collagen. UV rays break down collagen, especially on thin lip skin, so it is vital to apply an SPF daily.

Who is affected?

Lips are naturally smaller and genetically determined, people may start to notice thinning of the lips either in their late 20’s or 30’s. It is most common in the older generation and evident over time with smokers.



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