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Fat Freezing London

HC MedSpa is a leading London practitioner of fat freezing with affordable treatments that can target stubborn, hard-to-tackle fat pockets.

We have move than 25 years’ experience and are an award-winning clinic with great experience in offering fat freezing to many satisfied customers.

Our aim is to provide clinical excellence combined with a luxury spa environment, for fat freezing this means a treatment that has profound benefits yet is delivered in a relaxing environment.

We are not the only clinic to offer fat freezing in London, but we believe there are a number of compelling reasons to consider our services.

Fat Freezing London – Why Use HC MedSpa?

Who Has Fat Freezing in London?

Fat Freezing London

Fat freezing is a superb option for anyone who has fat in specific areas that they wish to tackle, this rather than being a tool for general weight loss or tackling obesity.

We are all susceptible to having pockets of hard-to-shift fat, this might be, for instance, on the thighs, around the stomach or the chin. However much exercise we do, however carefully we manage our diet, these stubborn pockets of fat can remain.

Fat freezing can target these areas, it can quickly solve the problem of excessive fat in one of these regions.

Fat freezing is for people who are generally healthy, they are not obese but they have areas of fat and parts of their body that they wish could be targetted.

Why Consider Fat Freezing

A relatively recent technology  – and one that is based on a scientist spotting that children eating ice lollies get dimples in their cheeks – fat freezing has many advantages over the options.

It is targetted, we would never downplay the importance of exercise or diet to overall health, but neither of these will quickly improve a specific area of concern on the body. Fat freezing can target this area with visible improvements obvious within weeks.

Fat freezing also kills the fat cells. It works by freezing cells in a specific area – up to 27% of cells  – with the cells then shrivelling and dying over the coming weeks. 

Those cells are then gone for good so, unlike exercise, there simply isn’t the option of them growing in size again. If a healthy diet is maintained and some exercise taken there is no reason why the new and improved body shape can’t be maintained.

Fat freezing is also non invasive and does not hurt – compare this to an invasive procedure such as liposuction, which also has significant recovery time.

With fat freezing, there is at worst mild discomfort for a few minutes on getting used to the sensation, after that it is relaxing – many people choose to read, listen to music or even doze off during the short treatments.

Treatment is quick – typically taking little over an hour and there is no downtime afterwards, you could return to work or go about your usual daily business. Results will then be visible after around two weeks, and continue to improve up to around 12 weeks when final results will settle in.

Fat freezing is a revolutionary treatment that is at the forefront of cosmetic procedures in London. It is a treatment that is affordable, pain free, has no down time and yet leads to significant fat reduction in the areas that the patient wishes to treat.

Next Steps

If you are considering fat freezing in London, please contact us to discuss prices and arrange an obligation-free consultation. 

Please call us on 0203 869 0490 or use our Contact Form.  We would also be more than happy to answer any queries you might have.