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Men's instant hair removal

  • 1 Lasts longer than shaving
  • 2 Reduces ingrown hairs
  • 3 Hot & Warm wax

Our technique means that a waxing treatment can be complete in just a few minutes with the effects lasting up to two weeks before hair re-growth. We pull the hair from the root which ensures that any hair removed, will grow back finer and less coarse.

Classic Strip Wax is the original waxing method and is great for larger areas of skin including backs and chests. In comparison to hot wax, strip wax is a much quicker method so if you’re time-restricted, this is the wax for you.

The heat from the Hot Wax encourages the hair follicles to open, thus making it easier to remove the hairs from the root. As the wax is applied, it is left to harden around the hairs only and not the skin, this makes this method suitable for more coarse hairs.

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This treatment is available in the following North London clinics: FinchleyMill HillRadlett & Barnet.


Procedure time

From 10 mins


Beauty Therapist

Treatable areas

Face / Body


None / Minimal


From £3.00


Treatment Price from
Ears £10.00
Chest £17.00
Chest & Stomach £37.00
Full Arms £26.00
Full Back £37.00
Half Arms £17.00
Half Back £24.00
Lower Legs £27.00
Shoulders £15.00
Stomach £27.00