HIFU Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening

  • 1 Clinically proven progressive results with extensive studies
  • 2 Non-invasive & pain free
  • 3 No downtime

Ultrasound Skin Tightening

At HC MedSpa we offer HIFU skin tightening for those with ageing or sagging skin. This is a ground-breaking, non-invasive technology that uses ultrasound to tone and tighten the skin.

As they get older, many people try to find just the right balance between ageing naturally and making the most of their looks. Most don’t wish to erase the signs of ageing completely. Instead, their goal is to preserve and maximise their assets.

Inevitably, certain changes do occur with age. Gravity pulls and we lose fat in our face. This is how the epidermis (or outer skin layer) begins to thin and the number of pigment cells in the skin diminishes.

Our non-invasive, ultrasound skin tightening treatments are the perfect way to remedy these signs of ageing. All of this is carried out in our luxurious spa environment.

Our Aesthetic Practitioners are on hand to discuss more about this treatment, you can book a complimentary consultation here.

This treatment is available in: Finchley.

What is Ultraformer Skin Tightening?
The Ultraformer Skin Tightening is a non-surgical treatment, so it’s ideal if you want to achieve noticeable results without the need for painful surgical incisions or an extended recovery period.

Clients who are looking to tighten or improve the skin’s elasticity after weight loss will be impressed at just how impressive the results are with the Ultraformer Skin Tightening. The latest micro macro focused ultrasound (MMFU) technology offers instantly visible and long-lasting results by encouraging the body’s natural regenerative processes to take effect.
What are the core benefits?
Which areas can be treated?
What are the benefits?
What is the used technology?
What is the aftercare?


Procedure time

Up to 60 minutes


Aesthetic Practitioner

Treatable areas

Face / Jawline / Eyebrows / Neck / Décolletage




From £300


Eyebrows £300
Half Face £400
Neck and Jawline £650
Full Face £950
Neck and Decolletage £1,000
Full Face and Neck £1,250


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Before and After photos

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HIFU Before & After Face

before after

HIFU Before and After Chin

before after
before after

HIFU Before & After Chin

before after
before after

HIFU Before & After Neck

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