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Ageing – The Super Deluxe

The Super Deluxe Package

  • 1 Facial toning & tightening
  • 2 Stimulates collagen production
  • 3 Hydrates & nourishes

The Super Deluxe Package:

  • 3 Laser Facelift Treatments
  • 3 RF Collagen Boosting Facials
  • 1 Age Defence Kit worth £81.00

For skin in-need of high-tech toning & firming, this package will effectively correct sagging jowls, loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles. The perfect solution to ageing skin, you’ll be glowing from the inside-out.

The Laser Facelift uses safe laser technology to access deeper layers of the skin, providing a gentle build-up of heat that causes the body to start its natural healing process, producing collagen. Collagen is an essential protein in the body that is found in the skin, bones and muscles, and a boost of this protein can provide sufficient tightening in the face and neck region, revitalising sagging or ageing skin.

The FDA approved ClearliftTM is the ideal treatment for those looking to give the face and neck a much-needed boost of collagen.

Followed by the RF Collagen Boosting Facial using Accent® technology; a pain-free laser that uses RF: radio frequency & ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen production, giving you a firmed & lifted result.

This package will take 12 weeks to complete, this will be discussed in your initial consultation.


This treatment is available in: Finchley, Mill Hill and Radlett.

What does this package include?
The SUPER DELUXE Package for Ageing includes: 3 Laser Facelift Treatments, 3 RF Collagen Boosting Facial and 1 Age Defence Kit worth £81.00
Are the treatments safe?
Are the treatments painful?
When will I notice results?
When can I expect to complete this package?


Procedure time

12 Weeks


Aesthetic Practitioner

Treatable areas







Treatment Price from
Ageing - The Super Deluxe £665.00