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Vascular – The Lux

The Lux Package

  • 1 Evens skin tone
  • 2 Reduces rosacea
  • 3 Promotes healthy skin

The Lux Package:

  • 2 IPL Laser Rosacea Treatments
  • 2 DermaQuest Bespoke Facials
  • 1 Ultimate Home-care Kit worth £143.00

This package combines 2 Aesthetic treatments to reduce the appearance of rosacea, soothe the skin’s barrier and even skin tone.

The advanced IPL Laser Rosacea Treatments uses ‘Advanced Fluorescent Technology’; this emits wavelengths of light to target the visible blood vessels or pigment just underneath the surface. The heat from the laser works by breaking these vessels down and eventually the vessels collapse. After multiple treatments, they shall altogether disappear.

Restore your skin’s valor by repairing compromised barriers and reinforce your natural vitality.
Combining technology with a Firming Enzyme Treatment – a diverse and potent firming treatment that will yield immediate results. A collection of peptides and enzymes will provide the skin with a visible lift and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The selected home-care kit uses specialised products for delicate skins and will work to prolong and maintain your results.

This package will take 12 weeks to complete depending on your skin type. This will be discussed in your initial consultation.


This treatment is available in: Finchley, Mill Hill and Radlett.

What does this package include?
The LUX Package for Vascular conditions includes: 2 IPL Laser Rosacea Treatments, 2 DermaQuest Bespoke Facials and 1 Ultimate Homecare Kit worth £143.00
Are the treatments safe?
Are the treatments painful?
When will I notice results?
When can I expect to complete this package?


Procedure time

12 Weeks


Aesthetic Practitioner

Treatable areas







Treatment Price from
Vascular - The Lux Package £435.00