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Laser Thread Veins

Laser Vein Removal

  • 1 Treating thread veins on the face & body
  • 2 Non-invasive & safe procedure
  • 3 Permanent results

Facial thread veins or broken body veins are small blue, red or purple veins that appear around the nose but can also show on the cheeks and legs. They occur when a vein dilates and becomes large enough to be visible through the transparency of the skin. This is especially noticeable on fair skin but can affect any skin type and colour.

At HC MedSpa we offer a range of thread vein removal treatments, including the latest laser technology in Harmony® Nd:YAG (for individual capillaries) and AFT (for the face). This new system ensures optimal results when removing facial veins.

The laser treatment can effectively reduce the signs of thread veins and leave the skin looking younger and healthier. It is a safe, affordable and non-surgical procedure for the reduction of the appearance of thread veins.

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This treatment is available in: Finchley.

What is laser for thread veins?
Our range of Harmony® Nd:YAG and AFT lasers ensure optimal results to treat facial veins. Both systems specifically target blood in the skin without any damage being caused to the surrounding tissue.
Is the treatment safe?
Is laser for thread veins painful?
When will I notice results?
How many treatments will I need?


Procedure time

45 minutes


Aesthetic Practitioner

Treatable areas

Face & Body




From £65


Treatment Price from
Laser Thread Veins From £65.00


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Before and after 1 treatment of Laser Thread Veins