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London Fashion Week | Front Row Skin!

Calling all fashion geniuses and aspiring-models, your time has come. From 14th-18th September the runway is officially open for business and the cameras are ready to flash.

Whether you’re sat front row or watching from your sofa, your skin deserves to look on top-form this season. Take our word for it and discover how …

Hydrate the outside too!

Remember to exfoliate as normal, 1-2 times weekly, this will rid the build of dead skin cells and buff away dry patches.

Look for topical solutions that contain ingredients to prevent the loss of moisture, such as Hyaluronic Acid and Humectants. Serums that contain humectants are always applied first to give them enough time to sink into the skins layers and hydrate from within. Go in with a lightweight moisturiser; opt for water-based products, they hold all the benefits, just in thinner-form.


It’s draining

Simple facial massage techniques have more benefits than you may realise.

face treatment

By working the facial muscles, it will allow the lymph nodes to work; eliminating toxin build-up while breaking down any blockages of excess sebum. A healthy lymphatic-system will show in your complexion, revealing radiant skin and avoiding dull tones and dark circles.


Got to get glowing

It’s no secret that beautiful-looking skin is flawlessly hydrated and healthy but how do we achieve the glow? A regimented skin-care regime; day and night are essential but for top events you may want to go the extra mile. A beauty facial is designed for pure relaxation (perfect if you’re feeling the pressure) and quick results. We recommend having the Radiance Boost Facial 2-3 days prior to achieve ultimate radiance on the day!

It uses elements of raw cocoa powder to buff the skin and restore luminosity. Pure oxygen boosts circulation, stimulates cell turnover and leaves the complexion hydrated and revitalised.


Follow these 3 easy tips for clear, dewy skin & enjoy the festivities of the runway this season!


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