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3 Treatments for Summer Legs

Summer is here and there’s no hiding the legs this year. As the weather warms, the jeans are folded away and seasonal skirts make their debut.
We realise that the thought of baring your legs may be daunting, so, we’ve put together our top tips and treatments to get you feeling ‘leg’ confident this year!

Adios Leg Hair
Studies show that the average woman will shave around 12 times per month – that’s approximately 2 hours dedicated to the razor and almost £10’000 spent on shaving related products in her lifetime.

We have the solution! At HC MedSpa, we offer the safest and most effective Laser Hair Removal treatment using Alma Laser technology. FDA approved for all skin tones, including tanned skin, our Laser Hair Removal method is the only virtually painless procedure.

Start your journey to permanent hair reduction today and never have to worry about shaving again!

Ciao Cellulite
The Accent Prime™ is the most advanced platform for Cellulite Reduction, skin tightening and body contouring, making it an ideal treatment for dimple-free legs.

Combining ultrasound with radio frequency, Accent® eliminates fatty deposits and tightens the skin. This combination improves collagen production and stimulates natural lymphatic drainage, eliminating the excess of fat safely and effectively via the lymphatic system.

The ultimate treatment to guarantee firm thighs and calves!

Buff & Polish
Whilst HC MedSpa offers the highest quality Aesthetic treatments, there are a few simple at-home steps you should consider to guarantee summer-ready legs.

A weekly body scrub will rid dead skin cells and eliminate any dry or flaky patches. Pairing freshly buffed skin with a moisturiser will promise silky, soft pins! Circadia’s – Tidal Moisture for Body is loaded with nourishing agents like panthenol, hibiscus extract and sesame oil, the luxurious lotion softens skin and protects against dehydration.

HC MedSpa offers a variety of treatments, to find out more and discover the best version of yourself, click here to book a complimentary consultation or give us a call.