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3 Treatments under 30 minutes for busy parents!

SCHOOLS OUT! Let the fun begin! While the next 6 weeks are all about keeping the kids entertained, lots of fresh air and summer holidays, don’t let yourself fall behind. You can still stay refreshed and on top of your beauty regimes and in less time than you may think.

Here’s our top 3 treatments under 30 minutes ideal for busy parents!

The Skin Bar

The Skin Bar at HC MedSpa Finchley has been designed to offer you maximum results in minimum time. With a cocktail of express skin peels suited to all skin types; this Aesthetic treatment is ideal for those on-the-go and looking for results FAST.

The power of natural acids and active ingredients work to deeply exfoliate and brighten the skin. A Skin Peel will stimulate new cell growth and collagen production, helping to reveal fresher, clearer, brighter skin.

Where it all began
Rabbia Aslam, Director of Treatment & Development for HC MedSpa, has been specialising in non-surgical cosmetic treatments for over a decade. She’s always busy in the lab developing new and innovative skin solutions – introducing; the Skin Bar. Rabbia is a Skin Peel fanatic & vouches that “they are easily one of the most effective treatments in the Aesthetic Skin industry. However, most peels take up at least an hour and as busy parents, I know that time is of the essence, so I bring to you … direct results in no time!”

The concept
Is simple. After your consultation, you’re treated at the Skin Bar & in under 30 minutes, you’ll receive maximum results with minimum down-time. Firstly we treat the skin with our Microdermabrasion machine, this preps the surface, clearing it of any impurities and blockages. Our variety of industry leading Skin Peels use a non-toxic chemical solution to remove the top layer of dead cells which encourages new, fresh ones to grow in their place.

3 treatments under 30 minutes for busy parentsClick here to watch The Skin Bar video

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is one of the most popular Aesthetic treatments there is today! But not all treatments have a lengthy process, the Soprano Titanium is a breakthrough hair removal platform that combines ultimate functionality with unparalleled comfort. Thanks to its large 4 cm2spot size and advanced cooling system, treatments are now pain free and much faster; in fact, treatment duration has now been reduced by up to 40%! So for example, mums we can now smooth your Bikini area in just 15 minutes and dads, your full back will be hair-free in just 30 minutes, so, even busy parents can achieve summer, smooth skin.

Soprano Titanium leverages the benefits of three combined wavelengths, with an improved patient experience and a business-oriented approach, creating a unique and result driven new solution in the world of professional hair removal. Speak to us today about how you can begin your (quick) journey to hair-free skin. Available exclusively to HC MedSpa Mill Hill

The Soprano machines achieve the safest and most comprehensive hair removal treatment available today and this laser technology is FDA-approved for all skin types including tanned skin, plus all types of hair, however fair or dark.

The Beauty Bar

At HC, we’ve effortlessly merged the worlds of aesthetics & beauty, we are committed to offering the highest level of service and results driven treatments all in the comfort of our luxury beauty clinics. So, if you’re in need of a beauty fix or quick touch up, why not visit our Beauty Bar? Available in all HC MedSpa clinics, we’re home to some of the most advanced beauty experts in London and as experts in beauty since 1993, we know a thing or two about shaping brows and tinting lashes!

3 treatments under 30 minutes for busy parents

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By HC MedSpa
19th July 2019