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Turning back time on AGEING

Is it time to consider turning back time on your skin?

Here’s our TOP TIPS & ANTI-AGEING treatments for beautifully youthful skin

The Laser Facelift

Our non-surgical facelift uses safe laser technology to access deeper layers of the skin, providing a gentle build-up of heat that causes the body to start its natural healing process, producing collagen. Collagen is an essential protein in the body that is found in the skin, bones and muscles, and a boost of this protein can provide sufficient tightening in the face and neck region, revitalising sagging or ageing skin.



Microneedling is a non-surgical, aesthetic procedure that involves gliding over the skin and repeatedly puncturing the surface with tiny needles. This process creates minute trauma which triggers a wound-healing response and it is this that begins the production of collagen and elastin. Ultimately, this treatment has a number of benefits and is a less invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery, with little downtime and fast results.


The HydraTight HydraFacial

Combining our Skin Tightening technology and the original HydraFacial, this treatment is ideal for rejuvenating and tightening the skin. It uses radio-frequency and ultrasound to target deep into the layers, which results in the production of natural collagen, leaving the skin plump and radiant.


Anti-Wrinkle Injectables

Anti-Wrinkle Injectables uses a series of micro-injections of Botulinum toxin; a naturally purified protein, it works as a muscle relaxant to weaken contracting facial muscles. In this case, it blocks the chemical signal from the nerves that’s responsible for creating fine lines and folds on any part of the upper or lower face.

By HC MedSpa
26th October 2020